Business Insurance Is A Step You Must Take To Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Protect Your Home Office with Affordable Business Insurance. Do you run your business from home? Figuring out how much your office equipment is worth is an important part of finding out how much business insurance you will require.

Surveys have shown that 50-60% of all home based businesses are uninsured. The problem with this is that if something were to happen such as fire or theft, you would be responsible for replacing all your items that you would need to run your business.

If you had been insured, your insurance would have helped to cover these expenses. Many entrepreneurs or home based business owners are under the misconception that if something were to happen to their business items, that their homeowner’s insurance would be enough to cover and replace them.

Most often this is not the case and their homeowner’s policy is not sufficient enough to cover all losses. Homeowner’s Policy:

- Is usually limited to $2500.00 for office equipment and $250.00 for portable office equipment, ie: laptop.

- Will not cover items that should be covered by a business liability policy.

- Will not cover damage or loss brought on by Cyber crime. – Will not cover damage or loss of any type of business records.

- Will not cover damage or loss sustained by an interruption of your business. Many individuals that work from home have a very well put together home office.

Most of these home offices have a computer, printer, desk, phone, fax, scanner, and other accessories that total way more than $2500.00. There are several different ways to insure your home office.

1. Homeowners Endorsement: Some companies now offer this option which adds an endorsement for the home office onto the homeowners policy. It raises the coverage amount and may cover other losses such as documents and data.

2. Separate Business Insurance: You can buy a separate policy specifically for your business to help against uncovered loss and damage associated with your home office.

3. Business Owners Policy: This policy was intended originally for small businesses and will cover property and liability associated with your home business equipment and visitors that arrive for business dealings.

4. Home Office Insurance: This is a upgrade of the business owners policy and endorsement. This policy will cover destruction and loss of business property and data.

This is usually a package deal that involves homeowners insurance and automotive insurance. Your first step should be to assess your risk of loss and the amount of coverage you will require to be able to keep your business up and running.

Discover The Range Of Great Extra Service The Post Office Has To Offer

The Post Office is a long running institution that has been delivering and sorting the UK’s post for over 350 years, and now the Post Office has a range of other great services to offer customers such as travel insurance, credit cards and Insurance.

We are all well aware of the amazing services that the Post Office has offered us over our lifetime, and it has been a solid establishment in the UK for over 350 years. And not many people are aware of the amazing other services that the Post Office now offers such as Insurance, finance and travel money. The Post Office pride themselves in offering their customers the best value and service that is available, so it is no wonder their extra service receive wide acclaim and support throughout the business, travel and finance sectors.

So the Post Office not only delivers your parcels and letters but they have a wide range of other extremely reliable services to offer their customers. One of their exciting services is Post Office Insurance. Customers can now benefit from car, home, van pet and life insurance from the Post Office. All of their services are easy to apply for and super easy to claim for as well. You can benefit from instant cover so you are automatically protected once you have purchased your insurance, you can also pick from a range of payment options to suit you best. They offer some of the best quotes and prices in the country so make sure you consider the Post Office Insurance when you are looking to renew or get a new contract.

Many of us need a little finance help every now and then, and now there is the Post Office Credit Card. The Post Office has a range of great finance options for customers and you can benefit from a range of great deals and offers. You can even receive 0% on all of your purchases for the first 3 months, 0% commission on any purchases you make abroad and 0% on all of your new balance transfers. The Post Office also promises to protect you against loss, damage and theft, so you are always protected with your credit card. You can even manage your account online to allow for an easy and helpful service.

When you are planning your trip abroad you can also turn to the Post Officer for a range of reliable travel services. One of the most important things to remember when booking your trip away is travel insurance. And luckily the Post Office offer great travel insurance offers that have won them many awards for their protection and services. You can get single, multi and annual trip converge and you can even benefit from 10% off when you book online. Policies are quick and easy to secure so you can spend more time getting excited about your holiday than worrying about your insurance. They also offer great rates on your currency; you can pick up your holiday cash from one of 1,500 local Post Office branches and even order for hone delivery on orders above 500. They also pride themselves in taking 0% commission of your money that sets them apart from other competitors on the market.

Office Insurance And Frequently Asked Questions

It does not matter how big or small your company is, it always pays to get protected. In actual fact, it is frequently the smaller companies which are more susceptible to big claims. Whatever your needs, we can meet them. is committed to finding you an office insurance policy to suit you with a price that will help to keep the balance sheets looking healthy.

We know that offices are available in all shapes and sizes and in all kinds of locations. You might have a unit in a business park or your own personal premises, built from scratch. Wherever you operate your business from, we can assist you to uncover the best cover for you and your company.

Our team are extremely skilled in creating competitive and comprehensive office insurance policies which are exclusively tailored to your needs.

As experts in their field, they will assist you to place together a policy which includes a range of key features from business interruption to goods in transit cover. Different companies will require unique levels of risk and our experienced team can provide cover for trades which incorporates professional indemnity, directors and offices insurance.

Not only will we assist you to find the right cover, we will help answer any questions you may have about what we can offer.

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions. If your query is not included, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Just click on the Contact Us page which you can find within our site and fill out the form, or you can send us an email and ask us to call you with our �call back’ option.

1. Why do I need office insurance?
In a word – protection. As businesses are trying to keep costs low and avoid any unnecessary expenses, it’s prudent to have enough cover in case any claims are brought against your company by the employees or members of the public.

Office insurance will include employers liability cover, which you’re required to have by law if you have staff working for you. You can also take out public liability insurance. This isn’t compulsory, but is advisable if you have members of the public visiting your office on a regular basis.

2. How do I get an office insurance policy?
Well, if you are reading this then you’ve come to the right place for starters. can help you to compare a range of office insurance quotes.

Just fill out our simple form once and our expert team will find you the best cover available, allowing you to make an informed choice.

3. What is business interruption insurance?
This is included in your office insurance policy. It will pay you if your business cannot trade for an extended period of time.

If your office is damaged by fire, flooding or any other unexpected events and you’re business suffers from not being able to operate for say, six months, business interruption insurance will step in and pay for the money you’ve lost from not being able to trade.

Five Conditions For Surgery And Office Insurance You Need To Know

There is no getting away from the fact that insurance is a vital aspect of life, whether it is for our own personal protection through health insurance or protection of business assets through office insurance. The need to protect investments is acute, and for well over a century, our friendly neighbourhood insurance broker has provided policies that allow us to do so.

The annual outlay of an insurance policy is generally quite low when compared against the costs involved should things go wrong. If the theft of stock in a retail shop takes place, for example, the financial impact can be crippling without the protection provided by retail shop insurance. For providers of medical services, it is necessary to hold surgery insurance policy to protect against the risk of legal action against a doctor, as much as there is to protect against break ins.


This is something that cannot be considered a surprise, but it is always worth reminding everyone. The information that is disclosed on a policy contract must be accurate, or else the policy can be considered void. Should anything change during the course of the policy, then it is necessary to notify the insurer also. This relates to change in risk level, obviously, not in the general running of the business. An example could be the decision to renovate premises, and the fact that part of the work area would then be a building site.

Basic Security Standards

There is an expectation by the insurer that their policy holders are doing everything necessary to prevent theft in the first place. This means that a suitable and fully operational security alarm system should be in place. For offices, for example, it means that lobby doors are locked securely, that windows are secured and that boardroom and executive office doors are also locked. The same stands for surgeries, though the added threat of drugs theft means that cabinets and refrigerator units should also be properly secured.

Reasonable Care

This is a fairly wide ranging condition, but the basic point to it is that the policy holder has done everything in their power to keep property and staff safe. So, there is a responsibility on the part of the policy holder to ensure the safety risks that a typical office staff are under are kept to a minimum. This means, for example, that faulty fittings are repaired promptly and not left for someone to suffer an injury by. It also extends to staff too, with employees hired understood to be competent and of sound mind, and not a danger to the premises or colleagues.

Condition of Alarm

It has become a basic level of security for any workplace that a properly working security alarm system is installed. The policy itself will detail the specific aspects of the alarm system that must be in place and in perfect working order. It could be something as obvious as the strength of the alarm bell itself. Policies can include the condition that should any single part of the system not be in working order, the system overall will be considered ineffectual. So, having a security system that works properly is essential.

Security While in Transit

When goods are being transported long distances, it is only to be expected that a late night stop will take place. Drivers, after all, need a break from the road to guard against driving fatigue and any accidents that may occur as a result. However, during these breaks security is still important, and should goods be stolen, proof that the vehicle was left unlocked can prevent pay out. If there is a lengthy stop, lasting several hours or more, the vehicle should be kept in a properly secured garage.

When it comes to any type of insurance policy, whether office insurance or otherwise, there are many conditions, and these are just five of them. However, it is not difficult to meet them if one simple fact is accepted. That is that the policy holder is ultimately responsible for safety.

So, retail insurance policies will expect that the shop front is properly secured against break ins, while surgery insurance providers will want assurance that expensive equipment is properly secured behind locked doors, and that drugs are not easily accessible. These factors are something that the policy holder is in place to ensure are the case.

Get Now Small Business Insurance Midlands

Insurance plays an important role in life. You need to have business insurance in sequence to keep the risks your business faces to a minimum. If you havent insurance, both your business and the people those work with you or other businesses you work with could be at risk. All Most every person has to cover only themselves, but a business needs to make sure all parts of the establishment have the proper coverage. In business insurance the important thing that needs to be considered is liability.

Business Insurance with Top Marques

Selecting the accurate business insurance protection is an important decision for any business owner. Top Marques can provide you best business insurance cover that is comprehensive and customized to your needs. We generally provide insurance policies to the small or large businesses. We offer effective services that match your business needs and provide you a perfect protection cover. Top Marques is committed to providing exceptional service to our clients at the reasonable rates and that is our job.

If you are a small businessman than insurance is most important because things don’t always go as planned and accidents do happen. We are specialist in small business insurance and our small business insurance services are to protect against loss of your investment and financial impairment to your business. Top Marques board of insurance specialists will determine your needs and create a customized policy for your business.

We offer insurance policy from a panel of top UK insurers including:

Norwich Union

How do I get a policy?

Topmarquess online quote comparison facility means that you only enter your details once and our panel of insurers will provide competitive small business insurance quotes for you to select from.

Our small business insurance services are clearly mentioned below:

Shop insurance:

Shop Insurance is a comprehensive policy offered by Top Marques small business Insurance UK for your shop. We provide best services and these services covers both the structure and its contents of your shop and protect you against financial loss. It also provides compensation of liability claims, accidental benefits and protects your business.

Pub & Inn Insurance:

Running a pub presents its own set of challenges and we understand the insurance requirements for pubs and designed a policy to reflect that. We provide cover for a range of risks including employers and public liability, business contents cover and cover for loss of liquor license suit almost every need in very reasonable price.

Office Insurance

Today office insurance is important in protecting your office base business. With our best insurance services you can protect your office property with contents insurance and not only gives peace of your mind but also allows your business the freedom to operate to its full potential.

Restaurants Insurance

We offer quality restaurant insurance services and is customized to cover the assets, earnings and legal liabilities of your business. Our restaurants insurance is designed to provide affordable, good value cover against many of the risks most frequently faced by restaurants at affordable cost.

Why work with us:

No complicated paperwork
“Same day” Quotations
Get straight away cover
Easy to understand terms and conditions
Very competitive insurance
Payment plans
Arrange cover over the phone
Small business insurance online quotes provider
Most policies come with 24 hour claims line
Best services providers

As business insurance specialists, Top Marques can quote for various trades, we could make insuring your business & commercial vehicles easier, small business liability insurance quicker and small business general liability insurance cheaper.

How To Make Money Using an Udemy Online Teaching Course

A few decades ago, it was hard to find a good teacher. The only option that you had was to look for one in your area because the Internet was not available at that time. Nowadays, the internet has made it a lot easier to learn from the comfort of home. If you have been thinking of taking a certain course to hone your skills, we suggest that you check out Udemy. Let’s find out how people make money on Udemy by launching courses through websites. Read on to know more.

What Is Udemy?

Basically, this platform brings both students and teachers together. As a matter of fact, Udemy is one of the top platforms for online courses. It offers a lot of free tools and support for instructors to develop courses and make money from them.

Udemy allows anyone to create a course and offer it to everyone across the globe through its platform. Nowadays, the platform has more than 15 million students from more than 190 countries. Moreover, it has courses in more than 80 languages.

Launching a Course

If you want to submit a course on Udemy, you may want to follow the steps below. We will talk about each step in detail so you can get started without any problem.

Sign up

First of all, you may want to go to the home page of Udemy and sign up for an account, which will cost you nothing. As soon as you have signed up, you can access tons of free as well as paid courses.

Course creation

After signing up, you can hit the “Teaching” button. The “Create a course” button will show up that you can press to create a course and become a tutor.

Udemy revenue model

For course creation, Udemy won’t charge you any fee. On the other hand, for selling, you do have to consider the revenue model offered by the platform. Let’s find out more about the revenue model.

Instructor promotion

After a lead generation, the entire revenue goes to the course instructor. For instance, if a lead is generated through the coupon code given by the course creator, the instructor will get the revenue.

Organic traffic

If the course buyer comes to the platform through organic traffic, 50% of the revenue will go to the course creator. And the rest will go to the website. So, there is a lot of money to be made even if you don’t use other means to get the word about your courses.

Other revenue sharing model

This revenue sharing ratio can be between 25% and 97%. Actually, the ratio is based on the fact whether the customer comes to the platform via deals, ads or affiliates. So, based on these factors, the revenue can be more or less.

Resources for Udemy

Udemy helps you throughout the process. Whether you are going to create a course or you want to promote, the platform has resources for you. Udemy offers tons of free resources that help you make your course a success. As a matter of fact, the free resources on this platform are on the list of the best advantages of Udemy, as they help you make money from your course without too much struggle.

So, if you have been thinking of creating a course and publishing it on Udemy, we suggest that you take into account the advice given in this article. Just make sure your course is interesting and it can help your students learn new things. And that’s all you need in order to sell your courses and make a lot of money.

Ideal Solutions To Success Online

If you have ever spent time looking for ideal solutions to success online, you could find yourself very frustrated. You found that there are basic ways to succeed in this line of work. You know that online work isn’t hard, physical labor. Working online is easy in that there isn’t a lot of physical work involved. People who work hard as builders, factory workers, office personnel and in administration, must work hard and produce good results or they no longer have a job. Online work isn’t hard physically. However, it takes tenacity, perseverance, and a little knowledge to be successful. Perhaps herein lies part of your annoyance. Let’s look at some things that bring frustration into your ideal online performance. The items are not listed in any particular order of difficulty or ordered frustration levels.

Number 1, Building a Website

The number one thing that frustrates many people and keeps them from being successful online is building a website. This one thing kept me from being successful online years ago. When you find the right training building a website can be really easy. You don’t have to know HTML to build one today. You can learn how to make a website at certain locations on the Internet. There are places where you can learn how to make a free website.

Number 2, Finding a Domain Name

The best way to relieve frustration from finding a domain name is to first find the niche you want to promote. The name of your site needs to match the niche you have chosen. So, the way you keep this from being frustrating is to identify your niche, and then write a list of 10 to 15 names that describe your niche. It’s like choosing a title for a book, the title must tell what the book is about. Same with your domain name. It must tell what your niche is about. I prefer to stick with a .com. It’s just a personal preference that you don’t have to adhere to.

Number 3, Getting Site Ready

Until you learn, getting your site ready for search engine optimization can be really frustrating. Actually, it can be next to impossible if you don’t have the proper training. Again, I have a page for you to review that explains the ins and outs of preparing your site for SEO. Again, you can write articles, use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The big question you need to ask is, “Where are you going to get the training and knowledge on how to make these ideas work for you?”

Number 4, Getting Traffic

The number one goal for any marketing site is to drive traffic to it. There are many ways to do this, but the only way I choose to do this is by writing good content for my website. What if you can’t write, or at least you think you can’t? Many sites offer training on how to write.The training on a few sites is phenomenal. Every bit of the training is to help you build a site, monetize it and then drive traffic to it. You can learn so many ideas on what to write that you will never run out of something to write about. Getting traffic is almost done for you. All you have to do is follow directions.

Number 5, Training

Before I found a helpful site, training was my nemesis. The lack of training defeated me every time and cost me money. The training I have gotten has given me a handle on success. I have learned how to succeed because I have been trained well. Following are a few things I have been able to find online:

Certification Courses: 5 Levels

1. Getting Started

2. Build Your own Traffic Producing Website

3. Making Money!

4. Mastering Social Engagement

5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Each level has several courses and the training available to make you successful! I repeated most of the lessons. Some were simple but needed more exploring. Others were new to me and my then limited expertise. I can’t believe how much knowledge is packed into these lessons. Yet the progress from one step to the next is given in easy steps for those who aren’t technologically proficient when they begin the courses.

You Get All the Training

Every site that I tried before this would promise they could teach me how to be successful. What they taught me was that I needed to hire a group of professional online gurus to help me build a successful online business. I paid good money to learn this, too. Their ads said that even a monkey could learn how to use their program. I guess that I’m not as smart as a monkey because I couldn’t begin to understand what they were trying to teach me. “You’ll never believe how easy it is to make money online,” their ads read. I learned the hard way, out of pocketbook hard way, that paper will lie still and let you write anything on it. At least the paper they wrote on did! I was never able to follow more than the first couple steps. Not nearly enough to learn anything. However, all that has changed now. Since I found this site, I have learned how to be successful online. All I’ve done since I’ve been here is grow and grow. That’s where I am. That was what I was looking for in the first place. Can I tell you that I found a place where you can work at your pace, make the amount of money you want to make, and work when and where you want to.

Work for Yourself

The best boss you will ever have is YOU. Working for yourself online doesn’t require lots of energy. You don’t have to have a specific location where you go to work. With today’s technological advances, you can work from nearly anywhere. I prefer to work at home with my family nearby. That’s where you can find yourself, too. Are you ready for the change? Are you ready to be your own boss? Then don’t wait! Visit me to begin today!